Every thing must change… so that nothing changes.

We've been opened for 8 years now…

One day we realized so much has changed: new staff, different décor… it became routine.

Then, looking into our core values: creativity, the need to excel and surprise our guests and the passion to deliver a unique experience, we put all our efforts in getting the right things done.

Bed Supperclub's first Chef, Dan Ivarie, previously at the "Jesters" at the Peninsula is now back, overviewing the kitchen, designing the menus, in discussion with the management about what today's guests want to see in their plates.

And here we are, with a new theme, "The Invisible World"… a true modern Thai theme (a contemporary interpretation of Thai classical dance) that gives a unique sense of space and time to the audience. New uniforms and… well let the picture talk for itself.


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