State of Fusion

There is something to be written about where Fusion food is right now on the global scene.

Unfortunately your servant hasn't been yet to Zuma (closest one being in Hong Kong) nor the new restaurants that are thriving in San Francisco.

Maybe if my readership can send cheques to finance this deficiency (yeah right – cheques to be addressed to Sanya Souvanna Phouma – thank you).
Fusion has suffered a bad rep for now 2 decades. Its molecular gastronomy cousin having diverted the finer global palates to more adventurous coasts. But something is happening today in big culinary capitals. Something called Ze Kitchen Galerie in Paris for example. What really happened? One word: mastery. Fusion no longer takes you to shores of unhappy marriages of flavors with chefs like William Ledeuil, the man who tamed exotic flavors (Japanese and Thai) together with French minutiae and cooking methods.

Now back to our own shores… Are we, Bangkokians, ready for such sophistication? When was the last time you asked yourself if the chef who made your dish has signed a pact with the devil?

Food for thoughts.

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